Chimineas: Adding Life to Outdoor Living Rooms

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Chimineas Enhance your Outdoor Living Room

Chimineas, also spelled chimenea, have existed for many centuries, and were used for cooking and for keeping warm.  Now, not only functional, these types of outdoor fireplaces are used to light up the night with family and friends.

The Original, Authentic-Looking Clay Chiminea

A touch of Mexico or southwest can grace your outdoor living room.  It can be hand painted for an extra touch.

Clay Chimenea

Copper Brings Solidarity to the Gathering

A bright and cozy fire shines behind the screen in this modern copper chiminea.

Copper Chimenea

Chimineas Can be “Large and in Charge”

This roaring fire is ready to entertain guests or give therapy after a hectic day.

Large Chiminea

…or they Can be Small but Mighty

This cast iron chiminea will make any outdoor living room warm and welcoming.

Small Iron Chimenea

Want a Splash of Color?

This mosaic chiminea is bright and makes a cheerful statement.

Mosaic Chimenea

A Modern, Sleek Look May be for You

A modern chiminea has definite structure and a bold look.

Modern Chiminea

Bringing Everyone Together

Make your next get-together even more inviting with this method of outdoor heat and ambiance.

Outdoor Party Chiminea


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